10 Reasons SadoTech Doorbells Are the Best in Show

June 16, 2020

10 Reasons SadoTech Doorbells Are the Best in Show

Long gone are the days that a doorbell’s only purpose was to sub-in for a knock on your front door. In the world of smart homes, step up your game with SadoTech doorbells, which can function as an additional layer of home security. SadoTech doorbells can also provide peace of mind around assisted care and your pets.

Packed with dozens of powerful features and customizable options, it's no surprise that our SadoTech doorbells have remained the number one bestseller on Amazon for five years and counting.

How Do Wireless Doorbells Work?

When you replace a wired doorbell with a wireless doorbell, you're doing yourself a huge favor.

A wired doorbell, which requires professional assistance to install and repair, works by completing an electrical circuit when the button is pressed. This circuit moves electricity from the rest of your house into the doorbell's system, which emanates an electrical-magnetic pulse, triggering the classic doorbell sound.

Any wireless doorbell cuts out the need to be wired into your home's electrical system. Instead, it runs on batteries or off an electrical socket. 

Either way, it doesn't send out the electric-magnet signal that a wired system does. Instead, it sends out a radio signal that’s picked up by a receiver that then plays a chiming sound. Its use of variable radio frequencies is designed to prevent it from messing with your neighbors' doorbells, and vice versa.

Wireless doorbells have a well-deserved reputation for providing security for your home and lasting for years. However, not all wireless doorbells are made equal.

In fact, the market is flooded with low-quality products, as well as other wireless doorbells that simply don't offer the wide selection of features and utility found in using SadoTech doorbells.

Why SadoTech Wireless Doorbells are The Best

Though the list is far more expansive, we're going to break down the top ten reasons why you should answer your door to a SadoTech wireless doorbell.

1. SadoTech Doorbells Are Easy to Install

Hiring an electrician to wire your doorbells (or come repair them when they break) is costly, time-consuming, and completely unnecessary.

After more than 9,000 Amazon reviews on one SadoTech wireless doorbell model, it's written in the sky with stars that installation is easy, easy, easy — 4.9 stars out of five easy.

One reviewer gets straight to the point, "A great wireless doorbell that is very easy to install. I plugged in the chime unit into a wall socket and used the adhesive to attach the doorbell unit beside the door outside."

With our doorbells, there's no involved installation process or tangle of wires. The plug-and-play system gets you up and running in no time.

2. SadoTech Wireless Doorbells Have the Best Range

The range is important when it comes to wireless doorbells. Ideally, you'll have transmitters on any door someone might "ring at" and transmitters located in places where you're sure to hear them when they ring.

Of course, a wireless doorbell's effectiveness is limited by its operation range — how far the radio signal can travel and still be picked up by the receiver to alert you.

SadoTech doorbells have a range of operations of nearly 50% more than that of the nearest competitor. With an operation range of 1,500 feet, the next closest products (Bo Ying, Bitiwend, and Avantek at 1,000 feet), aren't even within hollering distance.

3. SadoTech Doorbells Have So Many Chimes to Choose From

A doorbell without a chime fails the basic functionality of a doorbell. However, a doorbell with a chime that grates on your nerves is worse than no doorbell at all.

Recognizing that everyone is a little different from what seems too loud to what sort of sounds just drive you up the wall, we've created a wireless doorbell that offers enough options to ensure that everyone can find a chime that works for them.

SadoTech doorbells come preprogrammed with 35 chime tones and 17 music tones, which can be set at four different volume levels that are adjustable depending on where you locate your receiver and how sensitive your ears are.

Listen tofind the chime and volume you prefer before buying your SadoTech wireless doorbell kit.

4. The Option to Create Sensor Doorbells

Our SadoTech wireless doorbell system can also be integrated with your home security plan. 

The wireless, state-of-the-art motion sensors ping your doorbell receiver anytime they're activated. This means that you can be alerted to when someone approaches your front door, back door, side door, or even when a window is opened.

With sensor doorbells, it's possible to keep track of when people enter and exit your property, as well as when a package arrives on your doorstep. It's even possible to set up a sensor inside your mailbox, so you get alerts when you get mail — or when someone is trying to steal your mail.

In addition to functioning as a normal wireless doorbell, sensor doorbells are one of the cheapest solutions for home security.

5. The Option to Create Pet Doorbells

Your pets are smart — assuming we're talking about dogs and cats and not goldfish. However, if your home isn't equipped with a doggy door (for all the various reasons that they really aren't a great idea), your furry friend might have a hard time telling you when they want to go outside — or come back in.

In small homes, it's often possible for a dog to simply scratch at the door or whine until you (or someone else in the house) hears their plea.

However, by installing SadoTechultra-sensitive, big button doorbells down low, you can quickly train your fur baby to get your attention when he or she needs to go outside.

6. The Option to Create Assisted Living Doorbells

The wireless nature of your SadoTech doorbell also makes it an ideal solution for a person with disabilities, a senior, or those providing home care services. 

The assisted living doorbell kit we created comes with a light-up plugin in the receiver, as well as a portable receiver.

Those who are hard of hearing or otherwise might not notice someone at the door. The portable receiver can be worn clipped to their belt. Furthermore, it can be set to vibrate and flash when someone rings the doorbell.

The operating range for the portable receiver is over 500 feet, which is more than enough for most homes. The plugin receiver that's part of this kit has a range of more than 1,500 feet.

Though one solution won't work for everyone, the team at SadoTech Doorbells is committed to creating a solution that will work for you — whatever your needs.

7. Build Your Own Wireless Doorbell Bundle

With SadoTech, your options are nearly endless when it comes to designing a doorbell system that meets your every need. By combining various receivers, transmitter buttons, and motion sensors, you can create a robust doorbell system.

It's even possible to program your receivers to chime differently depending on what sensor or transmitter is signaling it. This means that you can set a chime to know when your dog is ready to come back inside and a different chime for when the Amazon delivery person drops a package off at your front door.

Large doorbell bundles are often best for large homes, houses that include additional structures as workspaces, or buildings with multiple entries.

8. Add Text to Your Doorbell

Take your doorbell to the next level by adding custom text to it. If you’re operating a business out of your home, you can label the doorbells so that whoever is stopping by knows which one to ring for business and which one to ring for pleasure.

You can even add your logo to the doorbell. 


9. Colors for Your House (or Classroom)

Sometimes a simple white or black doorbell just doesn’t look right with your house. When you’ve created a stylish home, every detail matters: from the faucets in your bathroom to the doorbell next to your front door.

Thankfully, SadoTech’s doorbells come in10 different colors! You can keep things classy with a matte black or get wild with a blue, green, yellow, or red doorbell and receiver.  

These colorful buzzers are also part of the SadoTech classroom answer buzzer set. With small groups, each student can use theirbrightly colored buzzer and custom chime sound to jump in and answer questions for oral quizzes and classroom games.

10. Top-Notch Customer Support

Though SadoTech doorbells are easy to install, we realize that sometimes you just need to talk to someone to make sure everything is working right. We go beyond the email customer support offered by our competitors by also providing you online chat and phone support. 

If you lost the instructions regarding how to change the batteries in your transmitter, our customer care team is there for you.  

We're also there for you if you decide to upgrade your doorbell bundle system to include more receivers or transmitters. Tell us what you're envisioning or what you need, and we'll make sure you get it.

Final Thoughts: 10 Reasons SadoTech Doorbells Are the Best in Show

Our SadoTech doorbells are rainproof and weatherproof, come in more than ten different colors, and are the most effective and versatile wireless doorbell on the market. 

There's a reasonThe Spruce recommended SadoTech's products as the "Best Budget Wireless Doorbell to Buy in 2019," andSavant Magazine said we were "one of the absolute best rated wireless doorbells money can buy."

It's not just because our doorbells are the best on the market in terms of functionality, price, and quality — it's also because we care.

We want your home doorbell system to go beyond what you thought was possible.

Stop hesitating. Get a SadoTech doorbell today!

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