TIP #6: 3 Important Things to Remember About Deliveries During a Pandemic

April 23, 2020

TIP #6: 3 Important Things to Remember About Deliveries During a Pandemic

The world has just turned upside down because of the COVID19 pandemic. Classes have been suspended. Employees are working from home. Establishments are closing. Streets are empty. Everyone is at home. Everyone should stay at home. This is because authorities have mandated everyone to observe social distancing to flatten the curve.

People are now actively avoiding the crowds and have opted to shop online. The question now is, how safe from the virus are the packages that arrive at your doorsteps? As you know, before the package reaches you, it has already been touched by multiple hands. To solve that, here


With social distancing being mandated by the government, it is important to take note of how you receive your package. To observe social distancing, you can start by installing a SadoTech Mini Motion Sensor Doorbellor SadoTech Mini Door SensorAlert to your mailbox or package box. When the mailman arrives or opens the mailbox - the doorbell will automatically trigger once the box has been opened or the mailman walks past the sensor area. You can also assign a specific tone to it so that you’ll get notified that a package has arrived.


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Here is something to be aware of: According to the study conducted by Doremalen, et.al (2020), the virus could survive up to 24 hours on the cardboard. On the other hand, it stays longer on plastic surfaces. It is estimated that it stays up to 72 hours. Please note though that this research has not been peer-reviewed and is just a small scale study. However, this gives you an idea that the virus doesn’t live that long. If ever a respiratory droplet with coronavirus has touched your package, rest assured that it doesn’t last a week. Considering the time it took for your package to reach you, it is not something that you should be alarmed of.


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Though the study above showed that the virus doesn’t stay that long on your package, it is still better to take precautionary measures. The most effective is by constantly washing your hands. Washing your hands reduces the risk of getting infected by the virus. It should become your habit already to wash your hands after touching a “frequently touched surface”. So right after getting the package, you must thoroughly wash your hands.

The best solution to minimize the risk of getting infected by COVID19 is to practice good personal hygiene. Aside from that, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, desks, and phones. Lastly, always observe social distancing. Avoid close contact so that the transmission of the virus slows down.


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