TIP #13: 3 Things You Can Do While Waiting for Your Delivery Package

May 06, 2020

TIP #13: 3 Things You Can Do While Waiting for Your Delivery Package

The courier company has just notified that your package will arrive today. Great timing! It’s your day off, and this means you can personally receive those shoes you ordered online weeks ago. You cannot wait to try them on, as you worry they might be too small for your size. Your only concern is that the tracker that notified you of the package’s arrival does not include time.

No one likes to wait, and it’s torture just to sit around, peeking through the windows, thinking whether or not the sound you hear is from the courier service. So how about, instead of spending your day off just looking at the time and your front porch, do something more productive! It not only takes your mind off from the excruciating waiting game but also lets you accomplish a lot of things.

I mean, why worry when you have your SadoTech Mini Motion Sensor Doorbell? You are sure to hear your doorbell’s chime anyway from anywhere in the house that is triggered by movement in the area being monitored.

So below are the things you can do while patiently waiting for your package.

Do the household chores.

What’s more productive than cleaning your own house? Wipe away the dust, wash off those marks, and vacuum your way through the carpet. Now, who’ll be having a clean house and a good pair of shoes at the end of the day? You are!

Read a book.

If you still have more time to spare, you can read the book that you shelved a long time ago. You’re bound to sympathize with the protagonist’s journey while waiting for the end journey of your package, which might be in your hands in a few hours.


What better way to tone down your cravings for your new purchase than to tone those muscles. Get your body moving, and you can even do it with your music on. No need to worry, when your package does come, you’ll still hear those sweet-sounding chimes. But nothing too heavy, you don’t want to receive your package excessively sweating.

Now you have the pair of shoes that you’ve been anticipating for weeks and a productive day off! Hats off to you! Or in this case, shoes!


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