TIP#22: 5 Effective Time Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals with Less Stress

May 19, 2020

TIP#22: 5 Effective Time Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals with Less Stress

Having only 24 hours a day seems too little for a CEO of a start-up company like you. There are just so many things that need to be accomplished that you can’t even find the time to sleep. You’re now pushing your caffeine intoxicated body to keep up with the increasing demands. Getting burnt out is already on its way. Before that happens, you should re-evaluate how you are doing your tasks.


First, you have to assess how you are managing your time. Having time management skills will definitely make you become effective and efficient in finishing tasks. Below are the 5 time management tips to help you achieve your goals with less stress.

Set SMART goals

Setting goals is very important before starting anything as this will serve as your guide. Setting goals will also prevent you from falling off the track. Make sure that your goals are SMART which stands for Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Relevant - Time-based.


Have a management system that works for you

You can explore different management systems on your own to know which one is effective for you. Having a management system will help you identify which task is urgent and which can be done later. Basically doing triage with your tasks.


Allocate time on each task

First, you have to assess how you spend your time for a week. After this, you can then allocate a justifiable time for each task. This is also applicable to some of your staff so that they have a standardized duration in doing certain tasks. Installing SadoTech Model C will help them practice complying with the allocated time. You just have to press the push-button doorbell to signal that the time allotted for a certain task is almost done.


Eliminate Distractions

Start by turning off your social media app alerts. You don’t want to find yourself scrolling Facebook just because you opened the app when it alerted you about your friend’s post.


Organize your stuff

It is easier to move around when things are in their proper place. You don’t need half an hour to just look for certain paperwork when all documents are filed neatly.

Having time management skills doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of time and practice. Be consistent with what you have started and you’ll gain the most effective skills in achieving your goals - time management.


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