TIP#17: A Furry Puppy Love: Why Dogs are a Good Idea to Have in your Life

May 12, 2020

TIP#17: A Furry Puppy Love: Why Dogs are a Good Idea to Have in your Life

Having doubts about getting a furry little pup for yourself? Science has solid proof of why dogs are beneficial to your mental and emotional health. But if you are not yet convinced, here are other reasons why adopting a dog is a good idea:


A dog helps you improve your social life.
Notice what is common with people having conversations in the park. Most of them have dogs! If you are thinking about getting more friends, a dog might help you find one. Dog topics are great conversation starters. If you hit it off, you can even organize dog play dates and hang out more.


A dog can be a great practice for parenthood.
Dogs require a lot of care, much like babies! Feeling ready to become a parent? Get a dog to find out what kind of parent you will be. Will you be willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of your pet? Dogs need vet visits, occasional grooming, and food. Can you afford to provide for their needs? And once the kids are there, your dog can be great baby sitters and playmates, too!


A dog is a great helper with chores.
If you need a hand in cleaning or completing your chores, your dog will be your more than willing assistant! They are easily trained and the only reward they need are cuddles, but most importantly treats! They fetch the morning paper or lick off spills on the floor. If you have installed a SadoTech Pet Touch-Sensitive Doorbell, this might make your dog’s and your life easier! They can alert other people to open the door for you when your hands are full of groceries. They can even alert you when the mailman is there because dogs just love mailmen, don’t they?


A dog can make you feel a lot safer at night.

Dogs have a very protective nature. They are loyal and always sensitive to anything that can cause you danger. They bark at every unfamiliar sound or at dangerous-looking people so you know to be prepared. Because they are highly sensitive, they easily pick up things and be on alert at all times.

But really, the most important reason why you should have dogs in your home is that they love like no other. If you give them enough love and warmth, they will give their life to you. You are not just their best friend, you are their whole world. And nothing can ever compare with that!


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