TIP #4: Adapting to a COVID-19 Life: Maximize the Safety of your Take-Out Food

April 21, 2020

TIP #4: Adapting to a COVID-19 Life: Maximize the Safety of your Take-Out Food

The world is entering a new era! because of this fast-spreading virus, houses are filled with a cacophony of voices, streets are empty and the air smells a little bit cleaner. With each passing day of the quarantine, social distancing became the new norm. 

One of the challenges of being cooped up at home with nothing to do is to constantly fight the urge to eat. On most days, people lose this battle and before anyone can believe it, the fridge has again been emptied out. And then, another trip to the grocery means another risk of exposure. Most of the restaurants are closed and sometimes, for a household who doesn't know how to cook - take out became their every meal. 

But with social distancing, accepting food from take-outs can be tricky. Below are just a few problems most people have when buying take-outs from a nearby restaurant.


How can we make sure our food is safe from contamination?

After your food is delivered to you, transfer it to another container and heat it up. The high temperature will surely kill whatever contaminant there is. Transferring your food to another container also keeps you safe from any contaminants in the package.

How do we lessen the contact with the staff?

Restaurants may already have a no-contact policy. Usually, they have a certain place to leave your take-out food on. Once your order has been made, you can go to this certain area to pick up your food by yourself. The only contact you will have is when you place your order. Some restaurants actually solve this by putting up self-order booths.

How do we know our food is ready?

One of the best solutions is to have restaurants install a doorbell to alert for certain needs. They can put it on their counters and place signs, depending on what the doorbell is for. It's possible with SadoTech’s doorbells. It comes with different tunes so you can assign doorbells for pick up or services. This way, you will not have to shout to get their attention. They also don’t have to stay behind the counter the whole time, lessening their exposure.


On another note, SadoTech doorbells work with deliveries, too! You will not have to wait outside for your food order to arrive. Once the delivery guy has left your food on the doorstep, they can ring the bell to notify you. If you pay in cash, you can ring the doorbell to signal them to take the money.

It is relieving to know that our human innovations have helped us deal with changes in our world. People easily adapt to the changes COVID-19 made in our lives thanks to our technology. With this in mind, you can be assured that our resilience helps us cope with or stop the virus altogether.

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