TIP#14: Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? How to Find the Best Doorbell that Protects you from Intruders

May 07, 2020

TIP#14: Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? How to Find the Best Doorbell that Protects you from Intruders

Trouble seems to be finding its way to a lot of neighborhoods these days. You see things in the news and think at the back of your mind that those terrible crimes do not happen in your street.

But what if it does? What if the next time you watch the news, you see a familiar block on an all too familiar street filled with cop cars and yellow tape. Are you still going to be confident in leaving your house in the morning? Would you feel safe walking at night?

We always hope that bad things never happen to us but it can never hurt to add some extra precaution in our lives. One of the things that can add that extra protection is that little inconspicuous tiny doorbell perched on your front door. Why settle for a plain ordinary doorbell when you can do so much more with SadoTech Sensor Doorbells. Learn how you can use this extremely affordable technology in protecting you and your home against intruders or monsters (just ask your kids!).

SadoTech Model K with PIR Motion Sensor

This model works best in small homes. It comes with only one sensor and a chime. To use it for protection, place the sensor near your windows so it detects movement if anyone tries to open or pass by. Since it is not the normal way to enter a house, you can be sure that whoever tries to go inside from a window is up to no good.

Starpoint D2

With this model, you can place sensors on both your door and the window. It has wider coverage and is great for bigger houses. If you place the chime in your bedroom, it can alert you if your door or windows are opened and give you time to protect yourself from the intruders.

Ringpoint Driveway Alarm Set

This should be a good idea for your garage, as it alerts you if there is any vehicle coming in or out of your driveway. When you are driving at night and feeling nervous that someone is following you, it will help alert people in the house that you are home and can scare off dangerous tailgaters away.

SadoTech Bell Wireless Alert Pager

This is for your little ones at home that can get a little scared at night. Instead of shouting their lungs out for you, they can simply press the button to alert you that they need you. Should intruders come to them at night, it can be a safer way to tell you that they are in danger.

These are only tools that can assist you in providing protection for your whole family. You also have to exercise other preventive measures to keep your peace of mind. Keep updated on the news in your neighborhood and give your children proper instructions during emergencies. These and many more can keep from you from always looking behind your shoulders.


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