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TIP#44: Be Socially Responsible: What You Can Do to Help Stop COVID-19 from Spreading As a Sick Person

June 22, 2020

TIP#44: Be Socially Responsible: What You Can Do to Help Stop COVID-19 from Spreading As a Sick Person

The world has gone in a state of emergency because of the fast-spreading COVID-19 virus. Schools have closed down, malls were shut, people panic buying at the groceries. Everywhere is mayhem. We never know who’s got the virus and whether or not we could be carriers. There is less chance for healthy people to be infected by the virus. Still, it pays to be socially responsible and help stop its spreading. If you suspect yourself having COVID-19 exposure, here are steps you can do to take responsibility.

Complete the mandated self-quarantine

If you are showing the symptoms, have yourself quarantined in your house. If you are living with your family, stay in a room. Limit your physical contact with them. Make sure to be at least 10 feet apart when talking.

You will find SadoTech Alert Pager to be useful in this situation. When you need anything to be delivered in front of your door, press the button. Have your friends or family members leave the things you need outside the door. This way, you can be sure that no mucus or virus was transferred.

Wear protective gears

When you are just starting to feel like the symptoms are getting worse, wear a mask. Or even before they get worse. As much as possible, stay at home. However, if you really need to go outside, be well protected. At the same time, this can keep the people around you safe, too. Never take off your mask in public, especially when you’re about to cough or sneeze. Don’t be rude!

Have yourself tested for the virus

Go to a testing center nearest you and report your conditions. You have to be honest about your whereabouts. Being a person under investigation is not the scariest thing.

Stubbornly insisting that it's only the common flu is. You go out in the neighborhood and just spread it as you go. You might even give it to the more at-risk people, like the old people. With just a cough and runny nose, you are a danger to your own community.

COVID-19 may not generally be as fatal as its other sister-virus, like SARS, but it is still dangerous. Make sure not to get in close contact with high-risk people. The government can only do so much. It’s time to make yourself accountable and be socially responsible. Help the world defeat this controversial virus.

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