TIP#36: Boost your Office Morale: How to Improve Productivity by Keeping your Employees Happy

June 09, 2020

TIP#36: Boost your Office Morale: How to Improve Productivity by Keeping your Employees Happy

When you work in a start-up company, things can get hectic. As a CEO, you should be making your employees a top priority. It has long been proven that the morale of your employees plays a direct role in the organization’s profits. The less motivated your employees are the less effective they are.

Sometimes, employers take their workers for granted without meaning to. It's not always their fault. With the busy work schedule and the quota that needs to be met, it can easily be overlooked.

This should not be the kind of leader you strive to be. Below are some cost-effective activities that you can do in the office to boost morale.


Spontaneous Snack Party.

This is not a party as the title suggests. One of the best ways to improve people’s moods is food. When the day is especially stressful, your employees are obviously tired. Show up with a plate full of energy-boosting snacks.

It may not mean that much to you, but buying them food is telling them that you acknowledge their stress. Fill in their stomach when their brain is almost emptied out. This is an indirect way of telling them that you appreciate what they do.

Celebrate the little achievements.

Being a goal-oriented company, it difficult to see the little victories that happen in the office. Did everyone come on time? Celebrate it! Did somebody achieve their vegan goal for a week? Don’t ignore that! A client signed up on a deal? Now, that’s even more reason!

Whoever it is and whatever they achieved in the office, whether personal or professional, acknowledge it. You can install a SadoTech doorbell. If somebody achieves something, press a button to signal for everyone to celebrate. It can probably take up 5 minutes of your time, but it will imprint in their hearts forever.

Encourage collaboration instead of competition.

Competition in the office happens whether we like it or not. Someone always wants to be better than his colleagues. Two employees are always fighting over a promotion. Healthy competition is okay. But when done wrong, it can lead to someone else feeling forgotten.

To focus on collaboration instead, set up a mentor - “mentee” relationship. Is someone is having a hard time with their workload? Set up a meeting with other employees who you think can help. Promoting someone? Make sure to explain to their counterpart why he is chosen instead of them. This way, you are giving a message that you acknowledge their effort and aware of their sentiments.

Keeping your employees happy is not rocket science. However, sometimes we tend to focus too much on results. Keeping a professional work environment is great. But it also pays to establish a deeper connection with your constituents. Someday, you will thank all your efforts. Imagine when they choose to stay with you even when other companies try to give them better offers.

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