TIP#33: Camping Buddies: How to Get your Indoor Friend Love Camping You Do!

June 04, 2020

TIP#33: Camping Buddies: How to Get your Indoor Friend Love Camping You Do!

Sometimes, all it takes is a star-filled sky and a nice moonlight walk for someone who hates camping to change their mind. However, mostly, it would need more. Here are five things you can do to convince them to go camping with you this weekend.

Give them the proper camping gear.

The most important thing that you have to make sure is comfortability. For your friend to like camping, they have to feel comfortable throughout the experience. For this to happen, they have to stay dry, warm, and cozy no matter what the weather is. You won’t get that from cheap tents!

If they are somewhat scared of the dark or the outdoors, bring a SadoTech Bell Wireless Alert Pager. Pair this with a battery-operated receiver so you can bring it anywhere. Should they need to pee or get far away from you, they can bring the wearable button and alert you. It’s waterproof so it can save them no matter the weather.

Plan your itinerary together.

The best way to get them excited is to involve them with your plans. Let them know the activities you can do together. It lets them know that there is more to camping than bug bites, ghost story sessions, or sleeping in tents.

You can visit local tourist sites too. Enjoy a meal out in the outdoors, have your own barbecue, or cook something both of you like. You can also play board games, do yoga if that interests you. If there’s a nearby lake, you can even do water sports or simply dip in the water.

Give yourselves time to relax and meditate.

Camping, above all else, should be about relaxation. Practice some mindfulness exercises, use your time on the camp to connect with your environment. Human beings are not born to be indoor people all the time. This is your time to reconnect with nature, each other, and most importantly, yourselves. 

Choose a more open and less crowded campsite.

Avoid campsites that are famous. Most likely, beginners often go there. Instead, look for one that is not known to many campers. You will enjoy it more if the place is less cramped and not much large group activities from your neighbors. The last thing you need is a loud neighbor who is jamming it all night. Unless you like their music, of course!

Camping is never a 5-star hotel experience, instead, it is more. It is about nature, people, and yourself. With enough preparation, the right gears, and security, it can be a pleasant experience even for those indoor people.

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