TIP#34: Chime your Guests: Improve your Time Management as a Receptionist and Hotel Manager

June 05, 2020

TIP#34: Chime your Guests: Improve your Time Management as a Receptionist and Hotel Manager

You are both a manager and a receptionist at a small inn in the country. Life is quite blissful because everything is calm. The best thing about your job is that you get to meet different kinds of tourists.

The worst is you cannot stay away from your desk for too long. This can cost you to miss customers. Being a manager, this is quite a predicament.

The arrival of guests and attending to their needs doesn’t have a schedule. Your hotel desk bell is no help either. Because of this, you can’t decide how long you should stay on the desk. This can make you less productive. Which will lead to many backlogs in your managerial work?

This can be solved with just a few tricks in your time management. Here are some tips you can do below:

Hold regular meetings with other employees for office updates.

Because of your two roles, you might miss some concerns from your employees. Get them together at least twice a week just right before your shift is over. Use it as a time to be updated to make your schedule more efficient.

This can allow you to leave the front desk for an efficient amount of time. You can also address concerns, such as repairs and guests’ complaints in a timely manner.

Be proactive.

Learn to notice patterns of the times of day you are needed most at the front desk. Also, make sure you know the peak season for tourists or hotel guests in your area. This can help you assess what improvements you can make to best serve your guests.  

Doing employee training and facility updates can ensure a pool of guests coming to your doorway. In the same way, it lessens the time for you to answer customer complaints or concerns.

Install a much better customer alert system.

Place a SadoTech motion sensor doorbell on both your entrance and near your desk. This way it can alert you when someone is coming. Then you can attend to them immediately. With 52 tones to choose from, you can welcome your guests with melodious music.

Having cheerful music can improve their mood. So when a complaining customer approaches your desk, they might calm down significantly.

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