TIP#15: Ding-dong The Doorbell: A Peek into the Life of a Doorbell

May 08, 2020

TIP#15: Ding-dong The Doorbell: A Peek into the Life of a Doorbell

Over the years, I have been witness to a family’s both happy and sad moments. And though I am easily taken for granted, I am hardly overlooked. I stayed on my spot for several years just doing my job. I stayed there day and night, sometimes even watching over my people. I make sure that no one enters the house without the owner’s consent. I even witnessed how the family grew from a family of two to a family of four. What is my job, you ask.


I am proud to say that I welcomed the first baby of the house, as the father cradled him in his arms. I felt the father’s light touch on its buttons and even sang a tune on their arrival. The grandparents ran to the door to gush at the baby and helped the Mother with their things. As soon as the door closed behind them though, I was already forgotten.

As the days go by, the house was never silent. It was always filled with crying and frenzied movements of feet who kept going around. But no matter how loud the house gets, I always make sure to make myself heard, especially during emergencies like grocery or food delivery. We don’t want hungry humans in the house. That’s going to be more of a nightmare!

And I was still there when their firstborn came home from war, still dressed in his camouflage uniform. He hovered his fingers on my button for a few moments, shaking on his feet. He finally took the longest breath and pushed me so hard, the tunes I sang around the house was quite frantic. The door opened and even if I don’t have a tear duct, the scene of the Mother falling to her son’s arms almost made me cry.

I have seen more occasions far more emotional than these scenes in all my years. I have even outgrown the people who lived in the house and would probably live longer. You may already have an idea who I am but for formalities sake, let me introduce myself. I am a door buzzer. Most people just call me, “the doorbell,” but I am so much more. I am your butler, your doorway to great deliveries, and most of all a silent companion.

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