TIP #12 : 3 Easy Steps to Throwing Your Dad the most Memorable Birthday Party

May 01, 2020

TIP #12 : 3 Easy Steps to Throwing Your Dad the most Memorable Birthday Party

You’re staring at the laptop, just staring at the presentation you will be doing in front of your boss tomorrow. You racked your brains for more ideas and find that you come up empty. Suddenly, your phone started to vibrate.

You looked at the notification on the screen and realize it’s a reminder about your Dad’s birthday in a couple of days. You’ve been so busy lately, you forgot about checking up on your parents. You take one long look at your PowerPoint presentation before closing it down and opening up Google.

You’re going to throw your Dad a surprise party! But where do you start? Worry not! Here are three easy steps you can do for a short, simple but intimate celebration with your family.

Step 1: Call everyone and get them onboard

Start with your family, then your Dad’s closest friends. Let them free up their schedule for the birthday and tell them about your plans. You never know, they might be thinking the same thing and already have some ideas on their sleeve. Give everyone a role to play. This way, there’s little chance that you will forget anything on the list. Have someone prepare the food, decorations, and gifts! It is also more meaningful to your Dad and the whole family if they feel like they are part of the planning process.

Step 2: Make up a Story

Involve your Mom or anyone who can help in creating an unsuspicious story about getting your Dad out of the house. Choose a story where your Mom doesn’t need to change much of her own routine. Maybe get them a lunch reservation at their favorite restaurant. That could be part of your gift!

Step 3: Check everything on the list and proceed with care

Make sure everyone is already inside the house and doing their roles. Put up the decorations, prepare the food and transform the house into a lively birthday party. Make sure to hide before your Dad opens the front door! Be on alert for the sound from their SadoTech Ringpoint Driveway Alarm, when they pull up to the driveway. When you hear the chime from the Wireless Motion Sensor, get everyone to hide!

There you have it. You just made your Dad very happy on his special day! You didn’t even have to spend so much or work on so many things. Just a simple party with family and a few friends will surely make birthday parties so much more meaningful.

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