TIP#21: Easy Ways to Recharge Your Social Energy

May 18, 2020

TIP#21: Easy Ways to Recharge Your Social Energy

It’s Friday night and you’re looking forward to just rolling yourself into the fluffy comforter of your bed. It has been a hectic week for you at work and you just want to lie down and do nothing. However, a text message from a High School friend reminded you about tonight’s dinner. You have declined too many of their invitations before that you just decided to go with this one. Canceling on them now without prior notice would be impolite.

As you enter the restaurant you realized that your friend booked the whole place! You’re not meeting only a few friends but the entire batch. Your introvert self is now shaking thinking that you’ll have to catch up with these people. There’s no way for you to escape from the very intimate venue.

Finally, you’re home but your social energy has been depleted. You badly need to recharge it because you still have to present that business proposal. The question now is, what are the easy ways to recharge your social energy?


Introverts usually generate social energy through isolation. The best way to isolate yourself is to be at home. Pamper yourself while you’re at the confines of your home sweet home. Make sure to install your SadoTech doorbell in a place where only you and your family members and close friends know. Strangers, salespeople, for example, won't be able to ring the doorbell if they don't know where it is, right? This way you can filter out the people you’ll interact with. Now, you can fully enjoy your ‘alone time’ without unnecessary interruptions.

1. Give yourself a warm bath. This will help you relax and calm your nerves.


2. Do your skincare routine, having a nice skin will surely make you feel good about yourself.


3. Yoga or meditation, emptying your mind will allow you to shortly forget the stresses in life.

4. Or, just simply lounge on your couch while watching your favorite chick flick movie.

If you don’t want to stay at home, you can also take a walk and visit the nearest Nature Park where you can breathe fresh air and be one with nature. This will surely help you clear your mind and recharge your social battery.

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