TIP#30: Get Over the Hangover: Simple Ways to Nurse your Hangover Away

June 01, 2020

TIP#30: Get Over the Hangover: Simple Ways to Nurse your Hangover Away

It was Friday and you decided to have a girls’ night out with your office mates. You thought to hit some bars and having a few drinks can’t really hurt, right? Right.  

You found yourself sprawled out on your sofa the next morning. Happenings of last night are blurry in your mind. You stood up and ran to the bathroom, threw up, and emerged with a splitting headache. You can almost feel the vibrations in your head every time the ball touches the ground from the neighborhood kids’ basketball game. Hangovers seem to always heighten your sense, especially your hearing.



You’ll never be drinking again, you thought. But for now, how are you going to survive today? Here are some things you can do to relax:

Drink natural hangover medicine.

There are so many hangover medicines you can try. However, the best way to wash away that pain is tea. Drink ginger tea to control your nausea and chamomile tea to calm you down.

Drink water to stay hydrated.

Even if you feel like throwing up, drink water to keep yourself hydrated. The more you urinate, the more water is taken out of your body. Over dehydration is another problem you don’t want to have. You don’t have to drink in large amounts, small little sips are already a big help.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Even if you want to throw up every ten minutes, get yourself a good breakfast. You need to maintain your blood sugar levels. This reduces the symptoms of a hangover. Low sugar levels can also be one of the reasons why you feel nauseated and fatigued.

Get long hours of continuous sleep.

Give your body time to heal itself. Drinking far too many alcoholic drinks might make it difficult for you to sleep. However, lack of sleep worsens the hangover. Loud noises like banging, doorbells, and slamming of doors might disrupt your sleep in the ugliest way.

But doorbells can be helped. Install a SadoTech Starpoint Model LC Base. This doorbell can let you adjust its volume. You can even change the tune to something more relaxing. This way, you can ignore the doorbell without hurting your head even more.

While a hangover can be cured in a day, it still pays to prevent it instead of curing it. Ways to prevent it include drinking a lot of water throughout the day, taking vitamins, and getting plenty of sleep.


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