TIP#39: Get your Noisy Classroom controlled with these Four Awesome Classroom Management Tools

June 12, 2020

TIP#39: Get your Noisy Classroom controlled with these Four Awesome Classroom Management Tools

If one of your worries is your slightly damaged eardrums, then you might be a kindergarten teacher. I mean, if you don’t spend an entire day just fending off “Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!” from your 5-year-olds, are you really a teacher? Well, you can be with the right classroom management tools.


Set the rules at the start of the school year.

The most important thing about rule-setting is that you introduce it at the start. Take 15 or 30 minutes out of your routine to set expectations in class. Make it clear to them that your classroom is a learning space and needs a quiet environment. Greet them at the door. Encourage them to leave all their loud voices outside and use indoor voice inside. This will surely set the tone for the rest of the year.

Develop a quiet signal and make it routine to implement it.

Teach your students a signal that tells them they’re getting loud. With SadoTech Classroom Buzzer, you can easily ring a tune for their noise. Since it comes in different colors, you can assign different colored alert buttons based on the noise level. For example, the green button is for the acceptable noise level, yellow for warning, and red for high-level noises. The goal will be not to let the red doorbell ring or there will be consequences. This way, they get to self-regulate. They will also learn that every action they make comes with consequences. One thing you can do is take away privileges, for example.

Establish authority and respect to reinforce positive behavior.

Let your students feel that you respect them as much as you want them to respect you. At the same time, remind them you are still the authority figure. It means that whatever happens, you have the final decision. But this does not mean, you can enforce any rule you want. Show to them that while you are firm on them, you are also fair. This will motivate them to defer to you and transition smoothly under your guidance.

Address the individual, albeit quietly.

When you know the source of the noise, don’t address the group. This only lowers the pressure for the responsible students to take accountability. Gently remind these students of your indoor voice rules and everyone else will follow. If their behavior persists, talk to them alone in a calm manner. Find the reason for their disruptive behavior. Maybe they just didn’t understand the instructions, or they were having a healthy discussion. Sometimes, it pays to listen to the intentions behind the action to make them feel they’re heard.

Truth be told, there will be days when you can get your emotions to get ahead of you. Sometimes, you take the discipline a little too far. That’s okay. But make sure, it doesn’t happen often. Just continue to be consistent with your established rule. Rest assured, your classroom should be okay!

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