TIP#20: Ghosting Someone? Follow these tips and be Invisible!

May 15, 2020

TIP#20: Ghosting Someone? Follow these tips and be Invisible!

Are you trying to avoid someone? Feels impossible, doesn’t it? When you light up your phone, it's like you are available everywhere. Someone chats you and they get notified when you’ve read it. Some people would call you when you haven’t responded to their texts. Some would even go to your house if they haven’t seen you for a long time.

With all the many ways to access you, it’s almost impossible to make people feel like you are avoiding them. Even when you are just blatantly showing it. However, don’t get discouraged! If there are toxic people in your life that you really need to avoid, here are some subtle things you can do:

Avoid eye contact.

If you keep running into the person you are trying to avoid, don’t look at them in any way. Hastily engage in a conversation with the closest person near you. If you share the same workplace, pretend to be busy all the time. Locking yourself in your cubicle or moving about will get the message across that you have no time to talk to them.

Put on your headphones/headsets at all times.

If you accidentally bump into each other, maintain eye contact with the floor. Walk to the other side quickly. Your music can block off their calls so you will not have to look their way without meaning. You can pretend there is an emergency and you have to be somewhere, so quicken your pace if they run after you.

Block the person online.
Don't open emails or Facebook messages from them. You can even just block them from your social media. This could be a risk though. It gives the person a reason to approach to ask you why you blocked them off. 

Be prepared to go missing.

If the toxic person visits your house, that’s a big problem. Install SadoTech Starpoint Mini Motion Sensor Doorbell and place sensors on your front door or driveway. This way, you can be alerted to hide if you hear an alert that they are approaching your house.

If you live with someone, involve them, and ask to vouch that you are not there.

These tips might work but it does not help you avoid hurting the person you ignore. You can do all these things when you are not yet ready for confrontations. But remember that letting them know about how you feel might be better for both of you.

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