TIP#24: Happy Dog, Happier You: Dog Training Cheat Sheets

May 21, 2020

TIP#24: Happy Dog, Happier You: Dog Training Cheat Sheets

Although having dogs can solve many of your emotional problems, they can be a bit difficult to raise. You come home, tired from work, thinking about how your dog’s cuddle can make everything better. But when you opened the door, you gasped in horror at the mess your dog made in your living room.

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your favorite pair of shoes, too. And that doesn’t stop there, dog poo and drool will be all over the place, missing socks and so many more. The only thing to do is to train your dog. With love and unlimited patience, of course!

Create a routine.

Let your dog follow a certain routine. Walk them in the morning before you go to work. They will have spent some of that pent-up energy outdoors and be less antsy indoors. Have him take his Number 2 at a certain time so his body can get used to it.

Training him with reliable and consistent signals helps too. SadoTech Model C has many colors you can choose from and comes with many tunes. You can assign a tune for your dog’s routine such as getting ready for a walk, bathroom time, mealtime, etc. When your dog learns which tune is assigned for which activity, he'll sure be ready.

Reward your dog.

Be consistent in rewarding your dog for good behavior. He fetched your shoes before you go outside, give him a treat. You return to a clean house and everything is where they should be, give him a cuddle!

Teach him basic commands.

There are four basic commands you can teach your dog, including, sit, down, come, and off. These commands can save their lives, as well as your visitors’. You can incorporate the SadoTech doorbell here, too.

Pair your commands with a specific tune, so when you don’t feel like talking, just hit a button. That way, even when your dog is far away from you, you can still give them commands without shouting your lungs out. This works especially for emergencies, such as running cars, mailmen, and when they sneak away.

The key factor of raising a dog is your bond with each other. Give them proper expectations, consistent rewards, and unconditional love. When your dog is happy, they are less likely to misbehave.

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