How SadoTech Can Help in Routine Management of Your Child

January 09, 2021

How SadoTech Can Help in Routine Management of Your Child

SadoTech wireless doorbell and alarm system can be used for multiple purposes. Here’s how it can help in the routine management of your child. 

Issue with Routine Following 

Kids will be kids. They are abrupt, honest and impulsive. They want to be free and stay free but obviously parents and teachers have a responsibility to develop their personalities and transform them into responsible citizens and good human beings. This requires a certain degree of discipline which can be challenging, especially when you have more than one kid. Many parents and teachers formulate routines for children which over time become too monotonous. They can themselves feel how boring and disinteresting these routines have become. Afterall, it is human nature to get tired of repetition. At the same time, the importance of routines, not just for kids, but for all of us, cannot be neglected. Children usually have a set pattern of everyday activities, from waking up to going to school, playtime, eating schedule, sleep time, etc. You may have scheduled their entire daily and weekly routines but they may not necessarily follow it. 

Skipping a scheduled routine is not an issue if it’s done once in a while. However, if your child is repetitively disregarding the scheduled routines then probably you need to look deeper regarding the cause. The signs of a troubled routine will be obvious. It may include your child not waking up on time, feeling lethargic or sleepy even after getting up, forgetting to brush their teeth, missing homework and school goals or not taking care of hygiene, etc. If any of these symptoms are present then maybe you need to work on their skills such as time tracking and management, planning, concentration, focus, attention, etc. Once you have identified where they are lacking, it is time for you to come up with a plan. Try to observe their behavioural patterns; talk to their teachers or guardian so that you can better identify what needs to be done. 

Why Reminder Apps Don’t Work 

Cell phones have really become our watches, diaries and photo albums in the last few years and every other month there is another application which tends to replace something that was manual before. However, despite all this development they are still unable to replace everything because some things will always require a human touch. We all keep so many reminders in our cell phones and they work for a day or two but in the end, they become useless just like so many other apps. How many times did you even check your weight goal reminder which you installed a year ago? Perhaps you don’t even remember it is there. When it comes to children, these apps are even more useless because children may not even pay heed to them. The app may remind them what to do next but who is going to remind them where their phone is?  Most children do not even get phones because of their young age and those who do spend their time playing games on them. Many times they even forget to charge their phones or tabs.  

List of Important Routine Tasks with Timelines 

The first thing you should do when you want your children to follow a disciplined routine is to sit down with them with a pen and a piece of paper or a calendar and make a daily routine planner. Ask them to write what they do all day long. This will not only engage them but also give them a sense of ownership. Use a different colour for every activity. Right down a time for all the things they have to do. From when they are supposed to clean their room to when they need to go to bed, from what time they should wake up to what is the first thing they should do after waking up and how much time they have for breakfast. Also include when it’s time for the school bus, lunch, play time, study time, etc. If they know how to see time, well and good; buy them a personal watch and teach them why tracking time is important. Second step is to teach them how to plan ahead. For instance, if they know how to change their clothes then they should plan ahead by deciding a night before what they’ll be wearing the next day. A checklist attached to the calendar above would be a good idea for all the things your kid needs to check. If there is any sports activity coming up in school, your child can write down all the needs with the activity and check what he has and what he does not. Linking activities to needs will teach your child how to plan. How much time your child can use electronic gadgets and etc can all be written on the calendar. You can also write task management tips on the calendar. 

Use Wireless Bell for Routine Tasks Reminder 

SadoTech wireless doorbells are very useful if you wish to set alerts with particular activities. For instance, you can copy your child’s entire routine calendar or take a picture with your cell phone and use different bell chimes for different activities to signify the beginning or end of a particular activity. Kids have a way of associating activities with music, in fact music has found to be very effective because once it is associated with a particular activity it remains in your subconscious mind for a long time. 

You can even use the wireless bell while sitting in your room and have the receiver set in your child’s room. That would be a good way of waking up your child or letting him know when they need to go to bed. These bells have a range of 1000 ft and you can select from 52 different chimes. It is available in a variety of styles and colors. Many of these doorbells are being used in classrooms in various schools. You can stick these door bells on the wall of your child’s room and give them different labels such as ‘clean’, ‘sleep’ and ‘study.’ Linking these bells with different activities will make it easier for your child. These bells also come with an alert pager which your child can keep on himself. For instance, if he is playing in the backyard and it's time to come in, you can use the bell to send an alert. These bells can play a significant part in routine management planning. 

Keep Going Until Task is Finished 

The Sadotech wireless doorbell can also be timed to keep ringing until an activity is finished. For instance, if your child needs to clean his room, the music will keep on playing till he finishes the job. If he is performing another time-based task you can teach them the importance of time management by timing their activities and seeing how long they take in completing a task. Keep playing the music for making it intriguing and when they are done you can ring another chime to signify their achievement.  

Also Use for Updates 

If you have given your child a task that requires step by step progress, you can give them the wireless doorbell to announce which step they have completed by selecting a particular chime from the 52 available. They can also update you by ringing the bell when they are done cleaning their room or finishing any other task. Similarly, when they wake up, they can update you that they have left the bed and do the same when they go out for playing. When they have finished studying, they can signify the end of this task by ringing a particular chime. 

Easy to Install 

The SadoTech wireless doorbell systems are available in a large variety. You can use the Sadotech model C which has one button and one receiver or the SadoTech classroom answer buzzer set which has one receiver and five buttons. The latter would really come in handy if you are into the habit of playing a quiz session with your children and family. The paintable doorbell can be used if your children want to make their own designs on the bell. For instance, you can draw a sun to signify wake up time, or the moon for bedtime, food for dinner time, etc. One variety includes a waterproof alert pager which your child can use outdoors in your backyard. 

They are all very easy to install; they come with adhesive tape or screws so they can be easily mounted anywhere and the plug-in receiver can be plugged into a power supply. They have a range varying from 500 ft to 1000 ft and four volume levels to choose from. 


The SadoTech wireless doorbells can facilitate your child in following their daily routine properly. It can also make the routines interesting and engaging for them. No need for boring apps which do not catch your child’s attention. Just make a proper routine which has room for change and use the wireless doorbells to make it colorful. 

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