TIP#19: How to Achieve that Five-Star Rating and the Top Resturant with the Best Review

May 14, 2020

TIP#19: How to Achieve that Five-Star Rating and the Top Resturant with the Best Review

As a restaurant owner, you’ve had your fair share of trouble with some customers over the past year. You are currently working on your systems and look at where you can improve on in terms of customer satisfaction. You always received excellent reviews of your food but your services are always rated low or average. This has caused many people to change their minds after seeing the review on Yelp.

Following the latest trends, here are some upgrades you can do to achieve that 5-star rating!

Make your Restaurant Handicap Accessible

When you say that everyone is welcome, be sure to mean, everyone, including those with disabilities. Place up ramps for wheelchairs to pass on. For your deaf and mute customers, you can install the SadoTech Model C with Velcro under the table so they can alert your staff efficiently if they need assistance. Or better yet, you can also try SadoTech Bell Wireless Alert Pager for the convenience of all people with disabilities, including the blind, as it can be worn on their wrists like a bracelet.

Make your Waiting Area Comfortable

If your restaurant is known to have long lines, make sure to keep your waiting area more spacious. Put up chairs that are comfortable to sit for a long period of time. If you have the budget for it, install Wifi or some board games to keep your customers busy. Most importantly, make sure to let them know of the exact time they will be expected to wait.

Provide real-time review from satisfied customers

An appreciation signal would be an instant motivator for your kitchen and service staff. Install a bright yellow SadoTech Model C doorbell right before they exit the door. Place a note on top that if they liked the food and the service, they can press on the button for the staff to know. This way everyone could be in jovial spirits every time the button is pressed. This keeps the morale of your staff and creates a positive ambiance in the restaurant.

Above are all the things you can do with your system to upgrade your diners’ experience. The most important factor, however, is human interaction. Encourage and even train your staff on customer service workshops. Above all, make them feel that they are not just employees but family. This way, they can impart that feeling to the people they are cooking food for or serving, as well.

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