TIP#25: How to Protect your Toddlers from the Dangers in Your House

May 22, 2020

TIP#25: How to Protect your Toddlers from the Dangers in Your House

Having a baby in your house is challenging in itself. But having a toddler is a whole new kind of trouble. Suddenly, your house is a very dangerous place. Your eyes become very keen on accident-prone areas. You can’t stop looking at pieces of furniture that are potential threats.

Here's how to baby-proof your whole house to keep your active toddler safe. 

Check your electricity.

Place safety covers on all of your outlets. Also, check if your wiring is in a place where your toddlers can reach. Make sure that your toddler cannot get their hands on any batteries. Keep any source of electricity out of their eye-level.

Place safety padding on sharp edges.

Check all your furniture for sharp or hard edges. If they are within your toddler’s height, cover them with padding. Place foam or any soft padding on the floor, so when they fall they land on soft ground. You can also put non-slip pads under your rugs, especially in the bathroom.

Install motion sensors all over the house.

Toddlers are runners and when they run, they run to danger. Install SadoTech motion sensor on the dangerous area. Place them on cribs, bathroom door, kitchen door, and stairs. This way, it will alert you when your toddler starts opening doors in risky or potentially dangerous areas.

This motion sensor comes with different tunes. You can set a tune for different areas to know where your toddler is. You can also hear it anywhere in the house when you bring the receiver with you.

Keep your cleaning products out of reach.

Toddlers like to reach for things. What they reach, they put in their mouth. Hide all your toxic detergents in a place where your kids can’t open. Be wary of heavy objects on your cabinets that might fall on them. Better yet, just keep them hidden somewhere safe or in a locked room.

It is a bit daunting to change the set up of your house. However, your toddlers’ safety should be your priority. You can’t have your eyes on them all the time. When they get the chance, toddlers just zoom around making accidents happen in a split second. Precaution never hurts and makes your life easier!

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