TIP#32: How to use your Doorbell to Filter your Life Away from Negativity

June 03, 2020

TIP#32: How to use your Doorbell to Filter your Life Away from Negativity

There are only so many things that a doorbell can do, right? No. If you think about it, there are so many ways you can maximize that little button on your door. Doorbell, alert system, assistant device, name it you have.

Well, strictly speaking not all doorbells can do that. But if you have a SadoTech Starpoint MM Doorbell, you are basically untouchable. Here are just some examples to prove to you why it’s not just hocus pocus.


It alerts you when intruders try to break in.

When you are sleeping at night, you’d want to make sure no one is breaking in. This doorbell can make you feel more secure in your own home. It alerts you if someone passes by your entry points. That way, you can prepare to protect yourself.


It lets you know if your children are trying to sneak out or in.

There is just something about sneaking behind their parents’ back that children find exciting. With this doorbell, you can be sure to catch them. Let them try to go in or out of the house without letting you know. You can be sure to enjoy the surprise in their faces!

It allows you to efficiently receive deliveries.

With the doorbell’s motion sensor, it tells you when a delivery is coming. That way, you can open the door early without making the courier wait. You can even do other things while waiting for your package, making your day more productive.

It lets you avoid unwanted visitors more easily.

Place your sensors strategically near your driveway. This gives you time to hide when someone unwanted comes. Like your snooping neighbor or even a surprise visit from your mother! It might not be a good idea to lock your Mother out though. There might be consequences, so be warned!

It makes you the master of your own life.

You have the power to decide who to open the door for. This indirectly gives you a chance to filter people into your own life. There is a strong sense of power in knowing that you control who you let in. It will even be more meaningful if you can apply it in your real-life relationships.

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