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TIP#23: Learn your Study Habits: An Easy Cheat Sheet to Studying Effectively

May 20, 2020

TIP#23: Learn your Study Habits: An Easy Cheat Sheet to Studying Effectively

Studying for your SATs but always had a hard time focusing? You don’t have to go out of your house and spend on a drink you don’t need. It may look fancy, reading at a coffee shop, sipping on a drink you can just make in your house. But what if you what you just need is a quiet place with access to food? Which, honestly, you can just get in your house, if you know how to do it. Here are some cheat sheets for you for more efficient study time.


Exercise makes a big difference.

You might think that moving your body is irrelevant to information getting inside your head, but it’s not. There have been a lot of studies that regular exercise can improve both your concentration and memory.

If moderately intense physical exercise is not something you want to engage in, meditation exercise works too! Yoga, pilates, or tai chi helps you keep your calm while studying.


Avoid distractions.

Even when you start to think about studying, there are suddenly so many things you want to do instead. Watch an entire series on Netflix, clean the whole house, even learn how to make your favorite rainbow cake!

One way to not lose your concentration is not moving from your table. There are times when you need to stand and move your body but sometimes when you move around the room, you find something else to do.

You don’t have to worry about getting up for a snack with SadoTech Bell Wireless Alert Pager. You can wear this alert pager and ring for someone to bring you some snacks or refills.


Learn when to walk away.

Too much studying for longer hours burns you out, too. If you feel like you’re head is about to burst or nothing is sticking anymore, take a break. Go for a walk, do breathing exercises, or do something that will renew your energy. Sleep feels like a good idea, but don’t oversleep! Give yourself 15 minutes to regain your focus.

The most important thing when studying is to remember what you are studying for. Remind yourself of your goals so you can motivate yourself to continue even when it’s hard. Learn when to relax, too! Don’t push your brain too much or you’ll be looking at a mental block during the test itself.


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