TIP#37: Life Testimony of an Adopted Pet: From A Street Cat to A Domestic Queen

June 10, 2020

TIP#37: Life Testimony of an Adopted Pet: From A Street Cat to A Domestic Queen

My name is Frisky and I am the most adorable cat in the neighborhood. Before I talk about myself though, let me tell you about my humans. Those little two-legged creatures are just the sweetest. I think that they thought they mean the world to me that they spoiled me rotten.

Now what you need to know about me is I was once like you. A street cat, called pest more times than my paws can count. I understand how you feel, I was captured and thrown to the pound, too. And there, I thought my days were numbered. But this little family came one day, I made eye contact with their littlest and bam! I was given a home.

They think for a cat, that I’m sweet, but really, I’m just adorably vicious. I eat all their lasagna and they don’t even fret. They give me milk and a warm bed to lie on at night. Deep in the night, for my bathroom needs, they got me this really cute SadoTech Pet-Touch Sensitive Doorbell. I just touch the button with my paw to tell them I need to do Number 2 and they come running!

They really do attend to my needs. I am basically the queen in that house despite what the daughter thinks of herself. Sometimes, I even press the button using a different tune to tell them I need more food or milk. I rarely even do anything for them. I simply let them cuddle me for ten straight minutes. That’s it!

So for all of you here who are still looking for their own family, do not fret. Your time will come. Someone will look into your eyes and see you. They will like you for the cat that you are. They will bring you to your home, even install your own bathroom bell. Above all, they will love you unconditionally.

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