Tip #3: How my granddaughter saved me from loneliness during this pandemic.

April 20, 2020

Tip #3: How my granddaughter saved me from loneliness during this pandemic.

I am one of the old folks. I spend most of my days in my rocking chair, unable to move freely as I used to because of my increasing age. Aside from my limited mobility, my immune system has gone weak, and exposure to diseases threatens my existence. This has led my family to limit my trips outdoors, a reality I sadly had to swallow. These days, my only happiness comes with the time I spend with my lovely granddaughter, and this was sadly taken away when COVID 19 happened.

My lonely life has now become more lonely. My days are spent inside my room due to the need for my isolation. The saddest thing about this is the door that separates me from my loved ones. Sometimes, I try to call out to them. But due to this stressful time, my pleas are often left unheard and I refuse to make a scene due to the guilt I already carry of being a useless family member. This one door that keeps us apart has made me feel more alone.

Thankfully, I have the best granddaughter ever. Being the most empathic person, she once asked me why I was feeling down after belatedly answering my call. Hours later, she came home with a SadoTech’s Assisted Living Doorbell. What a blessing this thing is.

My granddaughter and I developed a code. One buzz  means I need to go to the bathroom. Two buzzes mean I’m hungry. Three buzzes mean a special request, often used when I feel a bit lonely. My granddaughter never fails to surprise me. Sometimes, she even gives me tiny tasks that make me feel I’m doing something worthwhile. Thanks to my little angel, this door no longer separates us. Each time I hear it open, what joy it brings.


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