TIP#27: Make the Most of your Maternity Leave without Stressing Over your Newborn Baby

May 27, 2020

TIP#27: Make the Most of your Maternity Leave without Stressing Over your Newborn Baby

You’re a working Mom who is on maternity leave. Your newborn daughter is already three weeks old. Her sleep pattern is still erratic. You’ve never been this tired before and the house is a mess. This is the longest you’ve stayed in the house, but you can’t even get anything done.

With the slightest noise, the baby could wake up any minute. What’s worst is your doorbell is ringing every hour for some deliveries. You haven’t even made a proper meal for your husband when he gets home. But he has been supportive and brings takeouts after work.

This set-up simply must not go on anymore. You’re always tired. It feels like you have not done anything except be the milking cow for the baby. Before you spiral down into some kind of depression, something must be done.

You call your husband at work. You ask him to bring a solution to your problem instead of dinner that night.

With silent movement, you make an attempt to cook dinner. You are wary that the doorbell might ring again. Thus, you keep your eyes to the window. Hopefully, you can catch the delivery man before they could ring the bell.

After burning your last piece of steak, you settle for some green peas and heated meatloaf. You set the table and wait for your man to arrive. Regrettably, you forgot about the delivery man. The classic loud ring echoes around the house, startling the baby into crying.

After receiving the package, you run to the nursery. That is where your loving husband found you. He kisses you on the forehead and says, “Come downstairs with me.” Reluctantly, you set the baby in the crib and follow him out.

He leads you to the front door. You notice that a new looking doorbell has just been installed. He places something in your hands and before you look down to see it, he presses your new push button. You start as the object you're holding starts vibrating while you can hear the softest tune coming out from the living room.

You almost cry as the receiver continues to vibrate, and the house remains quiet. “How..how...?” you whisper.
“Do you know SadoTech doorbell let's you adjust the volume and choose different tunes? That's a revelation for me, honestly. It even comes with a vibrating receiver!”

You can't help but let out a laugh, as your husband smiles sheepishly. Now, you have the most perfect quiet night for the first time in forever. Congratulations!

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