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My Wireless Waterproof Doorbell Epiphany | Mark Russo

December 12, 2016

My Wireless Waterproof Doorbell Epiphany | Mark Russo

What I needed was a waterproof doorbell. All along.

Repairing the classic mechanical door chime worked for me – carefully troubleshooting with each of the components: the transformer, the door chime unit and the doorbell push button. But after the repair, it was only a year or so before I had a new problem: intermittent “phantom” doorbell ringing. I fixed that too, and all was good for about another year. And then the whole thing died again.

Until I finally realized with a flash of insight (and a simultaneous sense of being “totally lame”), that my problem was more basic… It was never really the doorbell! Not exactly.

The front of my house is completely flat; there’s nothing above the front door – no porch roof or even an awning. It’s just flat brick. So, there’s nothing to keep the pounding rain from drowning the doorbell button and soaking the circuitry. Plus, my house happens to face right into the direction of our famous Nor’easter storms as well – and when we have one of those, it’s always a deluge event.

So, I needed to find a doorbell that would, in essence, work on a submarine.

A waterproof doorbell. If such a thing was even manufactured.

And I found a particularly good prospect on Amazon.


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