Tip #5: Quarantine Chaos: How Zinger Bells Help Me Manage

April 22, 2020

Tip #5: Quarantine Chaos: How Zinger Bells Help Me Manage

Staying inside our homes is the newest weapon against a pandemic. Though it has posed a challenge in our careers, it has also given us the chance to be with our family and bond with our children. However, it also makes the chaos of having children cooped inside the house, even more chaotic.

Spills everywhere and constantly running feet in the hallways. There are even that constant bickering and the overflowing homework from their online classes. Even finding a place to work is a challenge. It takes another kind of home management to keep yourself together and get your children in line.


As a mother, I use the SadoTech Zinger Attention Bell to manage my three children by assigning different activity cues for each colored button. Here’s how our daily life unfolds.

I wake up at 6 o’clock and make breakfast. If I don’t push the blue button, my kids will not be waking up until noon. But when they hear the familiar tune, they will know that it’s time for breakfast. If they don’t have breakfast, they will not be eating until noon. So all of them gather around our kitchen table to have a hearty breakfast.

After breakfast, when I press the green button, my kids know that it’s time for them to clean their rooms or do their chores. When I press the yellow button later, it means class time for my two children and activity time for my youngest. At lunch, I press the blue button again and everyone sits on the table for lunch. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I ring the yellow button again for doing homework while my youngest takes a nap.

I only press the red button  during emergencies or when I need to go out for groceries. I place the white button outside the door as the doorbell. So when I return from my groceries and they hear the tune from the white doorbell, they know I need help. At six-thirty in the evening, I press the blue button again for dinner.

This attention bell  basically saved my life! I don’t have to yell at my kids all the time to do their chores. They don’t even have time to bicker! With these bells, I get to have a peaceful morning doing my work. At the same time, my kids finish everything they have to do. Talk about a breezy quarantine life!


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