TIP#31: Relax into your Book: Three Things you Need for a Perfect Reading Nook

June 02, 2020

TIP#31: Relax into your Book: Three Things you Need for a Perfect Reading Nook

Sometimes, when you are an adult the hardest thing to do is finish a book. You always end up closing a book for other reasons. Preparing for dinner, answering emails to your boss, or even a long hot bath seems to be more urgent. Whatever the reason is, it will always end leaving your book half-read.

That is why below is a checklist to create the perfect reading nook for you. 

A comfortable spot

Find a comfortable corner that is far from the busiest part of your house. Make sure that it is a place that will give you fewer distractions. Make it more comfortable by putting pillows or mats. However, be careful not to make it too comfortable. You might end up sleeping.

A good reading nook can be a simple as comfortable chair with a plush throw pillow and a soft ottoman. It can be a place where you can store all your books or other personal things. A place that will allow you to meditate and relax.

Good lighting

Lighting is an essential part of a reading corner. You don’t want to destroy your eyes from reading in a dark or too bright room. The best suggestion would be to choose a lamp where you can adjust the lighting.

You can use either a LED or fluorescent light to give your room a good page illumination. Fluorescent light is a good illumination when it is far from you. Otherwise, it might be too bright. On the other hand, LED works best as a desk lamp as it does not expose you to UV rays.

Quiet Environment

To avoid distractions, make sure that your room is as quiet as it can be. When there’s too much noise outside, you can’t hear them. Music is a good way to drown out the noise. Sometimes though, they either distract you or make you sleep. You don’t have to worry about missing your emails, deliveries, or important guests.

Just bring one of the receivers of your SadoTech Model SQ1 with you. Set the tune into a soft cheerful one in a low volume. That way, it can alert you when someone is at the door without breaking your tranquil mood. You can even choose to ignore the chime, sometimes!

Now that you have your own reading corner, nothing will distract you from finishing that book. Sometimes, all you need is a really interesting one to get you hooked.

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