TIP#16: Rescue Your Packages: Tips to Help you Stop Missing Your Packages

May 11, 2020

TIP#16: Rescue Your Packages: Tips to Help you Stop Missing Your Packages

With online stores on the rise these days, you probably have less than five packages on your way to your house right now. Since waiting for a package is not your whole life, sometimes, you miss the courier.

Sometimes, when they come, your not in the house. Or when you are in the house, the music was too loud. Or maybe you were in the kitchen, cooking dinner. The worst though is not missing your package, it’s the process that comes after. Sometimes, when you’ve missed it a couple of times, you will not even receive it anymore.

So what will you do? Lock yourself to your house so you won’t miss any one of those packages? That’s less likely. Instead, you can do any of the following to make sure you get your hands on those precious online purchases or any important packages.


Keep updated through an online tracker.

Most online shops or even couriers these days have order trackers on their apps. You can download their apps, input your tracking number, and see which step your order is already at. Sometimes, they even give you an estimate of when your package will be delivered so you can be prepared when they arrive.

Write a note or check the indirect signature option on their form.

If you are not sure if you are available on the day your package is set to arrive, write a note to your courier to have someone else receive it. Just make sure the person you leave your package is trustworthy!

Get yourself a reliable doorbell or alert system.

It’s frustrating to miss your packages just because you didn’t hear them from inside the house, right? Why not install a wider range alert system in your house, that way you can hear the chime even when you are in the kitchen or bedroom.

With the SadoTech Starpoint MD2, you can place sensors on your front door or driveway (be alerted when they pull into the driveway) and on your mailbox (door sensor for the mailbox). With your doorbell chiming a melodious tune, you are sure to catch the delivery person just as he is about to knock on your door or as he opens that mailbox!

With these tips, I hope you never miss any package or mail again. It’s easy to order things online but to keep track of their arrival is another thing. But if you just follow any one of those tips, you can be sure your next package will arrive safely on your hands. Have fun shopping online!


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