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August 21, 2015

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Sometime in the last few years a good chunk of the tech community came to agree that every new gadget had to be significant in some life-altering way. A phone became a "versatile tool for ideas, goals, and dreams." A video streaming app became a way "to explore the world through some else's eyes." Every third Kickstarter is "reimagining" something.

There's nothing wrong with ambition, and many of these products are indeed useful, but sometimes all the hyperbole can be a bit much. Sometimes, it's nice to find a simple gadget that makes a simple task more convenient.

Take something like SadoTech's Model C Wireless Doorbell, for instance. It's a doorbell. Doorbells aren't exciting. But this doorbell is wireless, which means you can plug its receiver wherever you'd like around your house. It has a range of about 500 feet, so if you're worried about missing a visitor, you can just move it accordingly. Beyond that, its volume is adjustable (and can get quite loud), its remote button is weatherproof, and it has a few dozen bell tones. It's built well, and it has a nice minimalist style, too.


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