Tip #2: How to Round up your Kids Without Losing your Voice

April 14, 2020

Tip #2: How to Round up your Kids Without Losing your Voice

It's 6 o'clock in the evening. You just finished your laying out food take-out for your kids. Hey, you’re a working Mom, no one’s judging. While you prepare the dining table, you hear a commotion in your backyard. Luke, your youngest son has just been toppled over by his older brother.

You are about to call them. They started laughing and picking up their Nerf guns. You smiled, feeling defeated and amused. You continue arranging the plates. When done, you call at the top of your lungs, “Kids, dinner’s ready!”

You wait for a few seconds and no one comes. You repeated, “Kids!” No one. You decide to march to the window and call out, “Luke! Nathan! Dinner!” They continue with their ongoing battle. You are about to lose your wits. You are half deciding to just throw out the food.

How to Round up your Kids Without Losing your Voice

What should you do?

You take a deep breath. Remember that it’s not because of your children. Even though, they keep pretending they didn’t hear. It’s even not because of how the food is growing cold on the table. Not even because you just got yelled at by your boss at work. And not because your good old husband is at work for yet another overtime.

Your husband, that’s right! He just installed a new doorbell the other day!

You walk towards your new SadoTech Model CXR doorbell in the living room. Pushing it, you smile at the music filling the house. You hear feet thundering through the front door and into your kitchen. As you follow their sound, you see trails of mud on the floor.

That's another problem for another day. You walk into your boys digging into their favorite Chinese food. You make a mental note of thanking the “doorbell people” for saving Moms like you.

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