TIP#42: The Growing Pains of Living Alone

June 18, 2020

TIP#42: The Growing Pains of Living Alone

The first time I read the acceptance letter from my dream university, I was ecstatic. Many things went through my mind but what stuck to me was ‘finally, complete freedom’. I was already looking forward to having my own space and making decisions on my own. Well, the first month shattered my romanticized picture of living alone. It honestly wasn’t something that I prepared for.

The first month was overwhelming. It had been scary and exciting at the same time, but I was getting by. I did everything on my own from washing the dishes to trying to fix the broken faucet (which was unsuccessful). I might have also burnt my food a few times but I still ate it with much gusto because I cooked it myself. Being alone taught me that I can do most chores without the help of other people.

Aside from the basic survival stuff, coping with stress while being alone was also difficult. There was a time when homesickness and pressure to meet deadlines and of the upcoming exams came all at once. I then started packing my things. However, I stayed. I wanted to prove something, not to anyone but to myself. So, I just sat in the corner and cried until I got no more tears left. Crying honestly made me feel better. It felt like a boulder was lifted off my shoulder.

There were also moments wherein I longed for someone to just comfort me. Someone who would tell me that I was doing okay and everything would fall into place. I was alone and had to be my own cheerleader because I was far from my family and close friends.

Boredom was also something that I got accustomed to while living alone. The funniest thing I did out of boredom was changing the doorbell tone every week. It was possible because SadoTech Model C has 52 different tones that I could choose from. It actually felt like I was in control of everything.

I learned a lot and got to know myself better while living alone. Nonetheless, I still look forward to coming back home once the semester is over. I'm already looking forward to giving my parents and siblings a warm and tight hug. I’m already excited to eat my Mom's home-cooked meals and to play video games with my siblings.

Living alone might have made me a bit wiser and mature but nothing really beats being in the comforts of being at home. 

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