TIP#11: What Puppy Eyes Mean: Things your Dog Wants you to Know

April 30, 2020

TIP#11: What Puppy Eyes Mean: Things your Dog Wants you to Know

Are you a dog lover? Have you ever just looked at your dog doing their own thing? Do you wonder just what it is they are thinking? Have they looked at you with those puppy eyes that seemed to just have the world for you?

We, as humans, can find it difficult to understand what our dogs are trying to tell us sometimes. Often, we interpret their body language and playful barks according to our own feelings.

Well, if dogs could speak, here are some likely things they would want to tell you.

When I go outside, it doesn’t mean I’m trying to escape.

Most dogs are basically outdoor animals. They thrive in the open areas where they are free to run, roll on the ground, and just be free. Putting an exclusive doorbell for your dog might solve the problem of them getting locked out. Try this SadoTech Pet-Touch Sensitive Doorbell. Your dog can easily notify you when they want to go back inside even when you’re in the kitchen or bedroom.

Sometimes, I don’t need a hug.

Studies have shown that dogs are wary of human hugs. Notice when they squint their eyes or lay back their ears, and even tense their body. It means they are not enjoying the contact, even though you really want to hug them - sometimes, dogs need space too. 

Just because I wag my tail, doesn’t mean I’m happy.

There are many ways dogs wag their tail. It does not always mean that they are excited and happy. There are also instances when their tail wag because they are agitated or scared. So it's up to us to know which is which based on our dog's personality

I don’t misbehave on purpose.

Mostly, dogs behave the way they do because of their playful nature. There are also times, however, when they do something we consider “bad behavior.” But there are times, they do it because they are scared or anxious. Before you scold them, assess their feelings first, and tell them off gently. This way, they will also learn to trust us a bit more. 

Dogs and humans will forever have this inexplicable connection to each other. When you start bonding with your dog, they will love you unconditionally. So when they give you that “puppy eye” look, it’s them expressing their love to you. 

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