TIP #10: Tips to fill your classroom with Music and Unlimited Fun!

April 29, 2020

TIP #10: Tips to fill your classroom with Music and Unlimited Fun!

If you are a kindergarten or elementary teacher, you must have experienced planning activities you thought would last you the whole period, only to find your students finishing a couple of minutes earlier. Now you’re stuck for 30 minutes with very bored and energetic kids who keep asking, “What are we gonna do next?”

Well, you can either bring out the worksheets or you can do something more fun using only one item that you probably already installed in the classroom. If you haven’t, SadoTech Model C or SadoTech Classroom Buzzer is a great investment to start with, which also gives you various color selections!

Here are a few suggestions to what you can do to this multi-purpose doorbellapart from transitions:

Puzzle Race

Stick the doorbell on the wall and have the children divide into two groups. Give them puzzles to solve and whoever will finish will run across the room to press on the doorbell. This is fun because it requires them to think and move at the same time!

Guess that sound?

This is a fun experiment, where you can set your doorbell in a specific tune and your students will try to recreate the tune by lining up bottles filled with water on different levels. They try to repeat the music by tapping on the bottles in an order that is according to the music they heard. SadoTech doorbells are great for this because they have 52 tunes your students can try out!

Music Says...

This works like Simon Says only, the children will do a specific action based on what the tune of the doorbell is. You can let them create the actions before you start the game so they remember it better!

Pack Away Chimes!

Packing away can sometimes be a challenge for five- to six-year-old children, especially when they are still having fun. But when you integrate fun in it, those blocks will be tucked away in no time! Specifically, tell them there’s a time limit in packing away. If they get to pack away before the doorbell rings, they get to decide what the next activity will be. If not, you, the teacher gets to decide.

With children and their wild imagination, everything can be used for something fun. With just one doorbell, you can do almost anything. It’s not only very doable but they’re easy to set up. These activities are just some activities you can do. Your options are endless!


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