Tip #47: Struggles of Waking Up From Deep Sleep

January 15, 2021


For me, perhaps the most daunting thing about growing up has always been how to wake up all on my own. Ever since I was a child, I have been a deep sleeper. 

My parents often took turns to wake me. On chilly winter mornings, either of them would have to get out of bed and come up to my room in order to nudge me awake and send me off to school.

As I grew up, this became more intense. During exam season, there were long nights of studying and less hours of sleep, which meant waking up became even harder. On days when it was crucial to get up and go to school, my parents and siblings tried everything from cold splashes of water to loud noises in order to wake me.

You may be wondering, why go through all this trouble and simply not own an alarm clock? Well, it is pretty easy to snooze the alarm on your alarm clock or phone, even in deep sleep!

Growing up, this became more of a serious issue as I needed to take on responsibility for my life. Visits to doctors also ended up in vain as they advised getting a good night’s sleep, following a strict schedule, sleeping in a room with lots of light etc.

To be fair, these tips do work and are the best course of action as opposed to medicines that may cause side effects. However, for someone with a job like mine i.e. an on call doctor with night duties and odd sleeping hours, this seemed impossible.

It is true that miracles do happen and you only get back up after you hit rock bottom. I had lost all hope when my career was compensated due to my sleep issues. It was then that I came across the perfect solution.

My family and I had just shifted and as I was looking for doorbells, I came across the SadoTech Crosspoint Model C. The wireless doorbell could be used as an alarm clock, so I quickly had it installed in my room - far from the bed. This way, I couldn’t turn it off and was forced to get up every time. More importantly, this doorbell has 4 different volume levels and 52 different tones. Doctors suggest changing the tone of your alarm clock once in a while so that you do not get accustomed to it and your brain is alerted by hearing a different sound. Plus, of course, setting it at the highest level works for me.

Now, I wake up easily and go to work despite different hours and schedules every week. This challenge has made me realise that no matter how bad things may seem, there is always a solution to your problems. And sometimes unexpected things can make the difference.

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