TIP #8 How I managed to keep my business afloat despite the pandemic.

April 27, 2020

TIP #8 How I managed to keep my business afloat despite the pandemic.

COVID 19 has wrecked the entire world. In a span of two months, humans all over the world were affected gravely. Schools and malls closed. People were forced to stay within the comfort of their homes. Places of leisures soon became ghost towns. Social lives became limited within the powers of our cellphones. Economies across the globe were affected.

My life as a businessman has also become threatened. Due to this pandemic, community quarantines were imposed. Social distancing and staying at home became the new norm. This has led to a decrease in my customers. What do I do to cope with this drastic change?

Thankfully, my pet shop remains open due to the fact that we were labeled as an essential business. I, however, imposed a few changes in my store to keep my business running without compromising the lives of both my employees and customers. 

Customers Stay Outside

Because my store is tiny, it posed a threat to become a natural breeding ground for the spread of the virus. To ensure that this does not happen, customers can no longer enter our store. Instead, upon arrival at our doorstep, they simply have to ring our Sadotech Doorbell and a store clerk would come running to entertain them. Once orders are made, items are fetched and finally, money is paid. One transaction has just been safely made!


Social Distancing Outdoors

In case many customers arrive, I have placed tapes on the floor of our waiting area. This serves as the distance they must keep from each other while waiting in line. Hopefully, this would ensure that Social Distancing is still respected to avoid any exposure.

Sanitizers Displayed

I have also provided sanitizers both inside and outside our store to ensure that both my employees and customers disinfect themselves after every transaction. This way, we may still continue our transactions despite the existence of this deadly virus!


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