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January 20, 2021

training a pet to communicate with you

It was a usual Monday morning. The sun was out but a nice wind was also blowing, making it an extremely pleasant day. As I finished lunch, I decided to take my dog out on a walk. 

“Skye!” I called out.

“Skye!!” The second time turned out to be fruitful as my 3 year old dog stumbled into the room, sleepy but ready to go out, wagging its tail to show excitement.

I made sure to put on his leash, as I definitely did not want to repeat last week’s incident when he jumped up the new neighbour, who incidentally, disliked dogs.

I remembered last night’s barbecue equipment and decor was still out. This year’s college reunion was held in my own backyard - one of the best so far. However, I was still too tired from playing host to place everything back.

Even the diamond earring Lily had dropped was still in one of the boxes. But oh well, it was a safe neighbourhood and I had a watchful dog as well.

I walked with Skye for our usual hour, meeting neighbours along the way and getting our daily dose of fresh air. As we got back, I closed the door to the backyard so that Skye wouldn’t bother the neighbours.

Of course, he was not happy with that and started barking. However, I went inside to run a bath. I’d cheer him up with a treat later.

I turned the water on, filled it with some bath bombs and lighted some scented candles. I’m somebody who loves to create a pleasant ambience as living alone can get lonely.

I could still hear Skye’s faint barks from the bathroom window but I was quite sure it was harmless. The blind was down and I was just about to step into the bath-tub when I heard the SadoTech Model F doorbell’s chime.

I had it installed just a few months ago when I adopted Skye, both for daily communication and emergencies. It was then that I realized that the poor boy was actually barking for a reason.

In my bathrobe, I ran out only to find out it was pouring.

“Shit, the decor!” That’s what Skye was trying to get me to notice this entire time.

I opened the door to the backyard and began filling my hands with everything I could carry, including Lily’s earrings. Skye also put the fairy lights in his mouth and rushed them towards the front door, under the shade of the porch.

“That was close, Lily would have been so disappointed if her earrings got ruined!”

This was not the first time SadoTech’s pet doorbell had been useful. It comes with 4 different volume levels and I’ve trained Skye to use different ones for different purposes. The highest volume is for emergencies of course and the lowest one is for when he gets hungry. This ensures that the sounds don't disturb the neighbourhood unnecessarily. The doorbell is also 100% waterproof so it works great outdoors and hence very useful in weather like this, especially if it starts raining unexpectedly. 

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