TIP#38: Treehouse Essentials: Two Most Important Things for a Safe and Sturdy Treehouse

June 11, 2020

TIP#38: Treehouse Essentials: Two Most Important Things for a Safe and Sturdy Treehouse

Outdoor Play is an essential part of a child’s development. No matter what age, it is important for them to play outside. One of the benefits of play is to foster their imagination and creativity.

However, it is no surprise that most kids nowadays choose to spend their afternoons with their iPads. The joy of play, sweat, and getting dirty is lost to them. But build them a and you'll be the one begging them to stay indoors.

Treehouses can be forts, dirty kitchen, a castle, or a parent’s hiding place! There is no question that everyone, especially kids, love spending time in a treehouse. But before you start cutting those woods, here are two important things to consider: 

Decide on the design together.

Before you buy the materials, design a treehouse that your kids approve of. Seek a professional’s help to make sure that you’re using a sturdy tree. They will tell you what kind of materials to use.

They can also suggest the ideal structure that will fit your space. They are experts on methods in building a foundation of your entire treehouse. This way, you can be sure that your children stay safe even when unsupervised. 

Place a communication system inside your treehouse.

Sometimes, a treehouse is like a time loop. When you’re there, you can’t track time. You won't see your kids around the house until it gets dark. Instead of shouting at them from far away, install a SadoTech Crosspoint SQ1-MBL. With a waterproof button, a portable receiver for the treehouse, and a plug-inreceiver for your home, the alert can go both ways. The SadoTech SQ1 even comes with a motion sensor to alert your kids when someone approaches the treehouse.

If you need to round your kids back to the house, you can press the button kept in your house. At the same time, if there is an emergency in the treehouse, the children can alert you easily by pressing the button placed in the treehouse.

You don’t need a lot to make your treehouse awesome. Just as long as it has a roof and sturdy, your kids are good to go! Installing safety systems is a plus! Sometimes, you can even use it as a “me” place. Finish your book or just take a nap when the kids are in school! This way, it serves everyone in the family.

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