TIP#46: Ways to Use Wireless Door Bell in Your Classroom

December 31, 2020

TIP#46: Ways to Use Wireless Door Bell in Your Classroom

Kindergarten teachers have a tough job. Teaching kids to behave responsibly can be challenging because of their young age and teachers across the globe come up with so many ideas to ensure effective management and for making the experience joyful for children. Wireless door bells can be used for much more than just a doorbell. They are affordable, simple to use and come in handy for a number of purposes. They have a long range and you can select from numerous tones. They can stick to any surface just by using adhesive tape.

1. Catch Their Attention!

All children are not the same; you have the quiet ones and then you have the noisy ones; you have the extroverts as well as the introverts. Some may be social while others might get angry or agitated quickly. You can use the wireless doorbell to catch the attention of all your students instead of trying to do the impossible of using your voice to make them quiet. Chances are that with a class strength of above 20 kids, you have to face a lot of noise with most of them talking or wanting to talk all together. This means that apart from clapping or using your desk, you at times are also compelled to use your voice frequently and that too at a high pitch. Instead of tiring yourself with it, you can use a wireless doorbell and designate a particular sound to ‘quiet.’ Musical sound has the ability to catch attention and you never know maybe the kids would find it more convincing.

2. Give Them Your Attention

You can also handover wireless doorbells to all your students and teach them to use it whenever they have a question or whenever they want your attention. This would require that you train them to use it and not misuse it so that instead of being helpful it does not become a nuisance. Rather than giving multiple bells to children, you can identify those who find it hard to raise their voice or who feel shy when asking a question and give such children wireless bells to make it easier and comfortable for them.

3. Easy Transition

You can designate a special sound for transition between various tasks that you have assigned to your students throughout the day. For instance, while shifting from an activity to quiet mode, or shifting to another assignment all together or for signaling the closure of a particular task, you can use multiple wireless doorbells.


4. Designate Different Sounds for Different Activities

School time should not just be about learning but also an experience which captures the interests of the children. You can assign different bells to announce the beginning or end of a particular activity. For instance you can set a different bell for recess time, a different one to announce cleaning time and another different one for line up.

6. Appoint a Leader

Instead of doing all these tasks yourself, you can elect a new leader from the children every month or so and assign him/her all the wireless doorbells and train him/her to ring them accordingly for a specific task. Even the elections could benefit from the wireless doorbells. You can make the candidates stand in front of the class and children can vote using the wireless bell.

7. Use the Bell as a Victory Signal

You can assign particular wireless doorbells to two teams competing with each other and whoever wins can ring the wireless doorbell to announce their victory.

8. Outdoor Tasks

When taking the kids to a picnic or for performing an outdoor task, you can take along multiple bells. Students can use them for prompting you if they need anything, or they can be used for keeping children in a line or even playing games.

10. Scheduling Meetings and Conferences

You can hang the bell at your classroom or meeting room’s door when it is time for meeting the parents. You can put up a sign with the bell requesting parents to ring the wireless bell when they arrive. This can save time and also help you keep up with your meeting schedule.

11. Doorbell For Visitors

You can also use the wireless doorbell for visitors. Just stick it on your classroom’s door and anyone visiting for any purpose could let you know that they are here.

12. Game Show Buzzers

While playing quiz games with children you can have multiple wireless bells and give them to the children. They can use it as a buzzer if they know the answer to your question.

13. Special Children

Wireless doorbells can play a significant role while teaching special children. You can assign different tasks to them and the wireless doorbells could be used to prompt them when they need to stop. You can select from different chimes that might have a soothing effect on special children. You can also give them as gifts to special children when they complete an important task.

14. Psychological Effects on Teachers

If teachers use the wireless doorbell for the purposes mentioned above, it can save them a lot of time and energy. Dealing with so many different children can take its toll on you and you might end up being tense or stressed. If the doorbells are used effectively you won’t have to scream and yell thus keeping your nerves at peace.

15. Psychological Effects on Children

Children love music. This is why a crying child usually stops crying when he hears music and this is why you have chimes above his bed. Furthermore, as discussed above the wireless door bells can reduce the stress teachers have to go through. The behavior of a teacher has a significant impact on the students. If the teacher remains calm and cool, the children will follow suit. The overall environment of the class room will improve. You can even have the children enjoy playing musical chairs with wireless doorbells.

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