TIP#26: Why SadoTech: Upgrade your House to be Handicap-Friendly for your Loved One

May 26, 2020

TIP#26: Why SadoTech: Upgrade your House to be Handicap-Friendly for your Loved One

Did a family suddenly get into an accident and broke their legs? Is anyone living in your house deaf or mute? Or is your ailing mother living with you? This in itself can be tough. One of the most pressing problems you will be facing is how to tend to their needs without letting it dominate your life.

Here's why installing a SadoTech Vibrating-Alert Doorbell Model H in your home is a good idea:



For a multipurpose alert system, this model significantly costs less than other home alert system models.

It works for anyone needing assistance. For those who can’t get out of bed, they can use it to alert someone. You can even set it up so it chimes different tunes for various needs. This way, you or any caregivers can immediately prepare for that need.

Most importantly it works well with emergencies. This doorbell can easily alert you when they are in danger.

The vibrating system works best for the deaf or hearing impaired who cannot hear the doorbell ring. When someone pushes the button, they will feel the vibrations in their pocket.

For an affordable price, the doorbell model can last for a long time. When handled with care, it will stay in your life for a very long time.

This alert system is easily set up in your home. The package comes with screws and tapes needed to install it. The steps to using the model are also very basic. The person presses on a button for the other person to hear or feel. You can also easily change the tune or adjust its volume level.

There are many alert systems in the market that works for the same purpose. However, this specific model is one of the most affordable and easiest to use. Whatever you choose, the safety of your disabled loved one should be the top priority.


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