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    My Wireless Waterproof Doorbell Epiphany | Mark Russo

    My Wireless Waterproof Doorbell Epiphany | Mark Russo

    What I needed was a waterproof doorbell. All along.

    Repairing the classic mechanical door chime worked for me – carefully troubleshooting with each of the components: the transformer, the door chime unit and the doorbell push button. But after the repair, it was only a year or so before I had a new problem: intermittent “phantom” doorbell ringing. I fixed that too, and all was good for about another year. And then the whole thing died again.

    Until I finally realized with a flash of insight (and a simultaneous sense of being “totally lame”), that my problem was more basic… It was never really the doorbell! Not exactly.

    The front of my house is completely flat; there’s nothing above the front door – no porch roof or even an awning. It’s just flat brick. So, there’s nothing to keep the pounding rain from drowning the doorbell button and soaking the circuitry. Plus, my house happens to face right into the direction of our famous Nor’easter storms as well – and when we have one of those, it’s always a deluge event.

    So, I needed to find a doorbell that would, in essence, work on a submarine.

    A waterproof doorbell. If such a thing was even manufactured.

    And I found a particularly good prospect on Amazon.


    Buyer’s Guide: Wireless Doorbells

    Buyer’s Guide: Wireless Doorbells

    Are you ready to upgrade your wired doorbell to an easy-to-install, portable option? Follow this shopping guide to find the best new chimes for your home.

    Among the many advantages of high-tech home accessories is their ability to let us untangle ourselves from old-fashioned wired systems, granting us new-found flexibility and convenience, and simplifying our lives by leaps and bounds. Case in point: wireless doorbells. Unlike older models, these battery-powered units take mere minutes to install, repair, or even pack up when we move to a new house, making them an easy (and better yet, often inexpensive) upgrade worthy of homeowners’ attention. Today’s wireless doorbells come packaged with a host of modern conveniences, including enhanced home security and the ability to interact with guests from afar. When zeroing in on the best wireless doorbell for your abode, look for these must-have features—and then consider three top-rated models that combine all sorts of bells and whistles.



    SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell Operating at over 500-feet Range with Over 50 Chimes, No Batteries Required for Receiver, (White), Fixed Code C Series 

    The SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor is a doorbell-operated motion sensor that triggers the main doorbell unit. As opposed to more expensive home security systems, this device works well as a simple alert unit. The SadoTech is particularly useful in areas where its presence makes residents feel more secure, such as a porch or basement apartment.


    The Perfect Gift for Everyone

    The Perfect Gift for Everyone

    The holiday shopping season has officially begun and before you know it, your family will be opening all of the gifts you have picked out for them.

    Make it a Christmas to remember by checking this list twice for all of the best ideas for the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list.

    Sado Technology’s unique wireless door bell with touch activation that lights up when pressed. The button is 100% waterproof and over 50 different ring tones to choose from. The receive easily plugs into any outlet and does not require any batteries! Upgrade your boring doorbell today before all of your holiday guests arrive or pick this up for the tech lover on your list by clicking here.





    Sometime in the last few years a good chunk of the tech community came to agree that every new gadget had to be significant in some life-altering way. A phone became a "versatile tool for ideas, goals, and dreams." A video streaming app became a way "to explore the world through some else's eyes." Every third Kickstarter is "reimagining" something.

    There's nothing wrong with ambition, and many of these products are indeed useful, but sometimes all the hyperbole can be a bit much. Sometimes, it's nice to find a simple gadget that makes a simple task more convenient.

    Take something like SadoTech's Model C Wireless Doorbell, for instance. It's a doorbell. Doorbells aren't exciting. But this doorbell is wireless, which means you can plug its receiver wherever you'd like around your house. It has a range of about 500 feet, so if you're worried about missing a visitor, you can just move it accordingly. Beyond that, its volume is adjustable (and can get quite loud), its remote button is weatherproof, and it has a few dozen bell tones. It's built well, and it has a nice minimalist style, too.