SOS Add-On Plug In Receiver

*Only Compatible with SOS Necklace Caregiver Set *

If you know someone who is a caregiver, or if you yourself take care of someone regularly, the SadoTech SOS Wireless Remote Call Button System is the perfect device for you. 

After hearing from so many of our customers that our wireless doorbells also doubled as simple and reliable call buttons, we decided to develop a product dedicated to helping caregivers do their jobs with greater freedom and peace of mind. 

This Extra Add-On Plugin Receiver can sound loudly or softly when either of the buttons is pushed. 

We truly believe the SOS Doorbell will help improve the quality of life for you and a loved one!

Tech Specs

  • Package includes: 1 plugin receiver and 1 user manual  
  • Tones: 32 options available
  • Volume: 4 levels available (50 dB to 80 dB) 
  • Wireless Range: 90m-150m 
  • Weight: 4.2 oz.
  • Install method: Just Plug in the device and connect it with your current SOS Necklace Caregiver Set
  • Only Compatible with SOS Necklace Caregiver Set