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    The SadoTech Advantage

    SadoTech offers a range of unique, wireless doorbells. Whether you’re looking to add a doorbell to your apartment or need an alert system for when a customer walks into your business, we’ve got a product that’s perfect for you - and your pet! No matter which option you pick, you’ll be able to install it in mere minutes

    Most importantly, we make products you can trust: We’re the #1 best-seller of wireless doorbells on Amazon, and have earned praise from Bob Vila , Business Insider , and more.

    Discover Your Perfect Doorbell

    For Everyday Use: Basic

    Simple set ups perfect for an apartment, single-story home, or small business

    • Operating ranges of 900 ft.
    • 4 volume levels and 52 chime tones
    • A variety of colors and style options

    Popular Product:
    Standard (Model C)

    For Larger Buildings: Expandable

    Expandale sets for spaces with several entranceways or multiple floors

    • Add and synchronize 20+ buttons, chimes, or sensors
    • Customized chime tones for each doorbell or sensor in your set

    Popular Product:
    Starpoint Set - Expandable Base

    For Accessible Living

    Designed for hearing-impaired, vision-impaired, and movement-imparied

    • Contain portable, vibrating chimes
    • Can be used as a paging system
    • Can alert caregivers when a patient gets up

    Popular Product:
    Vibrating-alerts Doorbell

    For Alerts and Security

    Get alerts when someone is nearby and protect your space from intruders

    • Options for immediate or delayed alerts
    • Sensor add-ons for expansion sets
    • Operating ranges of 900 ft.

    Popular Product:
    Standard Motion Sensor with Button

    For Pets

    Fun products for when your furry friend needs to get your attention

    • Large buttons, perfectly designed for paws
    • Choice of modern or push-button styles

    Popular Product:
    Pet Touch Doorbell

    SadoTech’s Simple 3-Step Installation

    Open your SadoTech doorbell kit to find everything you need: a transmitter (button or sensor), a chime, and installation tools

    Easily install the transmitter near your entranceway, using either the double-sided tape or screws included with your doorbell

    Plug your chime into an outlet, or choose a model with a portable, battery-operated chime you can move around the house