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Doorbell SHOP Guide

SadoTech’s Simple 3-Step Installation

Open your SadoTech doorbell kit to find everything you need: a transmitter (button or sensor), a chime, and installation tools

Easily install the transmitter near your entrance, using either the double-sided tape or screws included with your doorbell

Plug your chime into an outlet, or choose a model with a portable, battery-operated chime you can move around the house

The SadoTech Advantage

SadoTech offers a range of unique, wireless doorbells.Whether you’re looking to add a doorbell to your apartment or need an alert system for when a customer walks into your business, we’ve got a product that’s perfect for you - and your pet! No matter which option you pick, you’ll be able to install it in mere minutes

Most importantly, we make products you can trust: We’re the #1 best-seller of wireless doorbells on Amazon, and have earned praise from Bob Vila , Business Insider ,and more.

Below you will find descriptions of the different types of doorbells we offer. You can also take our doorbell finder quiz to get matched with the perfect doorbell for your needs!

Doorbell Finder

Discover Your Perfect Doorbell

For Everyday Use: Basic

Simple set ups perfect for an apartment, single-story home, or small business

  • Operating ranges of 900 ft.
  • 4 volume levels and 52 chime tones
  • A variety of colors and style options

Popular Product:
Standard (Model C)

For Larger Buildings: Expandable

Expandale sets for spaces with several entranceways or multiple floors

  • Add and synchronize 20+ buttons, chimes, or sensors
  • Customized chime tones for each doorbell or sensor in your set

Popular Product:
Starpoint Set - Expandable Base

For Accessible Living

Designed for hearing-impaired, vision-impaired, and movement-imparied

  • Contain portable, vibrating chimes
  • Can be used as a paging system
  • Can alert caregivers when a patient gets up

Popular Product:
Vibrating-alerts Doorbell

For Alerts and Security

Get alerts when someone is nearby and protect your space from intruders

  • Options for immediate or delayed alerts
  • Sensor add-ons for expansion sets
  • Operating ranges of 900 ft.

Popular Product:
Standard Motion Sensor with Button

For Pets

Fun products for when your furry friend needs to get your attention

  • Large buttons, perfectly designed for paws
  • Choice of modern or push-button styles

Popular Product:
Pet Touch Doorbell

The Doorbell Finder

Take the doorbell finder quiz to get matched with the perfect doorbell for your needs

  • Find what products have the features you want
  • Get recommended several different doorbells that match your needs

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