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    Standard Doorbells

    SadoTech's Standard doorbell line includes the bestselling Model C doorbell which is the premier wireless doorbell on the market.  The sleek and minimalist design makes it one of our top selling products.  This model comes in a variety of colors including our Neon color series of baby blue, lime green, yellow and hot pink.  This product is easy to install and has over 50 different ring tones.  It is also weatherproof and has a range of about 500 feet.

    Functional Doorbells

    SadoTech Functional doorbell line includes doorbells with motion sensor detectors, portable vibrating doorbells suitable for the elderly and disabled, and even doorbells where pets can easily touch the button to activate.  

    The Model K is our leading sensor doorbell that can detect motion and trigger the main doorbell unit.  Known for accuracy and reliability, the Model K is an economical alternative to a pricey home security system.  

    The Model H is our award winning doorbell that was designed specifically for the blind, hearing impaired and senior citizens.  The portable vibrating receiver has over 50 ring tones in 4 volumes and the plugin receiver has 4 configurable FLASHING and AUDIO modes - ideal for the hearing impaired or deaf.  The Model H will make sure your loved ones never misses anyone at the door.

    The Model G or Model F are our pet friendly doorbells.  The transmitter button on the Model G can be easily pushed by your pet's paw or nose and the Model F is activated by a simple touch.  These two doorbell models can help any pet owner keep track of their furry members of the family.

    Expandable Doorbells

    SadoTech Expandable doorbell line includes our bestselling StarPoint collection and can expand and configure your doorbell system to include 20+ receivers, transmitter buttons, motion sensors and door sensors.  Our StarPoint L Series is perfect for any large home or office building to custom build their own alert system to fit the owner's needs.