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Challenges of Being a Teacher...

As a teacher, you are often faced with a variety of classroom management challenges. These include rowdy students that disrupt and interrupt the pace of learning inside the class. And when you are unable to take control of your classroom, your students become less focused on their academic goals which then sets back their potential to learn.

How Teachers Can Conquer This Challenge!

With an effective class management system in place, you can increase student success by creating a productive and cooperative learning environment. Control and manage your classroom environment without the constant nagging, yelling and angry outbursts.

REGAIN the power to keep your entire classroom productive and focused on its academic objectives!!!

Tired of constantly having to raise your voice in class?

Yelling is a thing of the past when you have our SadoTech Doorbell in your classroom. Grab your students’ attention now with just one easy click of a button.

Get the SadoTech Doorbell and let technology help you create a peaceful and positive learning environment for our kids.It's the simple yet effective class management solution that has been tested and proven by teachers all around the world!

How Does it Work?

What Teachers Are Raving About...

What's Awesome about SadoTech Doorbells?

Mountable & Wearable

Never misplace the transmitter button by wearing it as a necklace. You can also mount it on the wall like a traditional doorbell so it never leaves the classroom.

Long Range Doorbell

With an operating range of 500-1,000 feet, SadoTech Doorbells are perfect for large residences, office buildings, classrooms, and more.

Longer Battery Life

Our latest energy conserving technology helps prolong battery life and keeps your device working longer.

Large Selection
of Chimes

SadoTech Doorbells comes with a wide variety of unique doorbell and alert chimes that suits any taste, occasion or holiday.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY...SadoTech is offering an


onSadoTech's Model C Wireless Doorbell!!!

Package includes:

- 1 Button

- 1 Plug-In Chime

- Screws & Anchors (For Installation)

- Double-Sided Tape (For Installation)

- 1 12V Alkaline Battery

- 1 User Manual

**Available in different colors. **

What Are You Waiting For? Get Yours Now!!!

See howSIMPLE classroom management can be.


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