Add-On Ringpoint Motion Detector

This add on motion detector is ONLY COMPATIBLE with Ringpoint Products or Series. The package includes 1 motion sensor, 1 bracket, 2 pcs AA battery, 2 screws and a complete manual for installation guide with tips on maximize door sensor for business or home.


  • ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH RINGPOINT Products or sets. It cannot be paired with other product series.
  • SENSOR ADD-ONS FOR EXPANSION SETS. For longer operating range. Working range is up to 300 feet, making it ideal for large spaces. Its portable minimal design allows it to seamlessly blend with furniture and fixtures. Also, best to use as a motion sensor alarm outdoors.
  • LED INDICATOR ALERTS. When the motion sensor signals receive suspicious movements, its LED light indicator flashes as an alert sign. Great visual indicator when listening to music or for the hearing impaired.
  • ANTI-TAMPER FEATURE. When the sensor is being taken off, a button will be triggered. This will immediately send the alarm signal to the receiver to set off the motion detector alarm.
  • PREVENT FALSE ALARMS. The add-on door sensor is built with technology that can distinguish interfering signals and body movement signals effectively to prevent false alarms.