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Acepoint Model AL

SOLD OUT - BACK ORDER AVAILABLE (usually within 4-8 weeks)

Acepoint series is a doorbell and a night light all-in-one. A multi-purpose device helps you save space and energy. The AL model set includes 1 button and 1 plug-in receiver. The chime doubles as a sleek nightlight that you can turn on and off, accompanied by a 100% waterproof button. 

Tech Specs

  • Package includes: 1 button; 1 plugin receiver; double-sided tape (for installation); screws and anchors (for installation); battery for button; instruction manual.

  • Operating range: 450 - 600 ft.

  • Tones: 32 options available

  • Volume: 4 levels available (25 db to 110 db)

  • Installation: Double-sided tape or anchors and screws

  • Material: ABS Plastic

  • Batteries: battery for button included