Skypoint Model S Base

This Skpoint Series comes with a UK-based plug, but USA plug is already available upon request. This special set comes with brand new fun tunes, 2 UK plug receivers, and  2 waterproof buttons



  • Compatible with any SadoTech Crosspoint, Starpoint and Skypoint Add-ons or extra Components
  • Expandable for up to 20+ add ons
  • Package includes: 2 UK plug receiver, 2 waterproof buttons, screws, double sided tape, battery (inside the button)
  • Operating range: 500-1000 ft.
  • Tones: 52 new fun tunes!

  • Volume: 4 levels available

  • Weight: 381 g

  • Dimensions: 18.2 x 9.6 x 7.8 cm

  • Material: ABS Plastic

  • Special Feature:  Also Available in USA Plug, email us for request
  • Easy to use pair-able code technology allows you to mix and match Skypoint components easily with one or multiple receivers.